Dreams & Pretzels

June 22, 2012 Comments Off

This weekend I will be completing my certification to become a YogaFit instructor. While this scares me to no end, when I really think about it, sharing my passion for yoga just seems natural to me.

Part of my passion for yoga is that it is such a great workout – both physically and mentally.

I chose to pursue YogaFit training for several reasons. The main one was that their certifications could be completed close to home. No traveling away from my hub and kids for this girl. No required trips to the ashrams of India. Just me and 20 others within a days drive. YogaFit also allows you to develop your own training style for the spiritual side of yoga.

Perhaps this was high on my list of reasons as well.

Yoga isn’t just about bending up like a pretzel. It’s about finding your own inner voice. It’s about listening to your body and fully accepting what it is saying. It’s about being fully present and fully aware in every moment. As many of you long time readers know, that is something that I struggle with ALL THE TIME. I always seem to push until I break. I have a hard time backing down and enjoying the journey when there is a finish line it front of me. Yoga quiets me. It has this power because as I practice, I am on my own journey. It’s not the journey of the instructor. Her beliefs don’t have to be mine for us to share the spiritual journey.

I have met people in classes who are recovering from physical injury, diseases and even addictions. While we all come from different places – we are all on the path for the same goal. Yoga brings people together in ways that no other activity can.

I want to share that with as many people as I can.

So, as you all work on your yards this weekend, prepping for your 4th of July celebrating, I will be spending my entire weekend “bending up like a pretzel” and then proving that I can teach others how to do it safely and effectively. I am following my dream to improve peoples lives while living mine to it’s fullest.  Please send out some positive juju for me and spend some time this weekend enjoying your journey.



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